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Native Advertising

Native Advertising
Native Advertising

Native Advertising is useful to the audience content that has been created with the support of a certain company, but in no case can be a product demonstration. All major brands have already realized that the effectiveness of point-blank advertising is much lower than the natural interest of the audience in the content.

It’s non-standard advertising, it’s media-intensive and informative and when the user interacts with such advertising it’s hard to figure out if he is reading an interesting article or has already immersed himself in some project. If the quality of the product and the company’s ethics are not affected, the audience forms a positive opinion about the brand. Otherwise, the client could get the feeling of being jilted.

Distinguishing features of Native Advertising are:

  • It creates a positive relationship with advertiser’s company
  • It is relevant to the interest/experience of the audience
  • Does not persuade and does not impose
  • Does not require interactive
  • Does not disrupt the process of content consuming
  • Corresponds to users’ expectations
  • Remains a complete and entire material
  • Combines with other contents of the platform
  • Corresponds to the editorial style

Due to a huge influence and impact on the audience native advertising is recommended to be used carefully.

Native advertising refers only to that content that has all features of a placement platform. On video hosting websites - a video clip, on blogs - an article, on social network - an interesting post, and all this without direct or indirect appeal for purchasing a product or a service. The idea of native advertising is that it should not lead to a banner blindness and rejection of the audience.

From small companies to worldwide brands, the use of native advertising becomes more and more common today. The opinion that this approach can’t achieve the desired result and that it’s all a waste of budget is definitely wrong. Social networks, messengers, editors and media brands every year devote more and more space to native advertising than to banners, displacing at the same time intrusive offers of the advertisers.

Formats of Native Advertising

Formats of Native Advertising

According to the platform for advertising any editorial material could become native advertising, the main thing is always to remember to place users’ interests in the first place and to put maximum emphasis on the content usefulness. For example, some media websites sometimes publish reviews to help their readers sort out a certain topic, in such headings you can often meet promotional materials.

Native Advertising has three main forms:

Customized or sponsored content.

Generally, the material has its title sponsor, for example, a trademark or a brand. The material is placed on media resources and masked by the form of the platform such as a video blog, a website, social networks. The most expensive native advertising can be found in TV shows and films. For example, in the film «Fast and Furious 6» Dominic Toretto’s team is chasing Shaw and his team in BMW M5 vehicles and Daniel from «Taxi» transformed his Peugeot 406 into a racing car. The audience, fascinated by the story, feels sympathy for the main characters and in the back of its mind compares the images of the characters with the brand products. After the release of the movies car sales increased several times over. A budget option of native advertising is placing articles and posts on social media and thematic blogs. It’s important to make sure that native advertising fits the format of the community, otherwise it will cause rejection.

Blog posts and social media posts.

On such platforms native advertising is adapted to the format of their content. For example, while viewing an Instagram or Facebook feed, a user receives sponsored posts that are targeted to a particular target audience. For example, a company could post articles from its experience on various specialized platforms. It works for brand visibility, it is interesting and useful for reading.

Recommended content.

It is a list, a collection or a selection of recommendations for reading articles on a certain resource. This format shows excellent results in games, programs and mobile apps. One of the largest platform for placing recommended content is Taboola, which broadcasts a compilation on any resource using a special code.

How to create a native advertising plan for your product or business promotion?
  • 1 Identify which platforms your target audience prefers
  • 2 Check if there is any possibility of adapting the content so that it matches with the format of the platform
  • 3 Find out if you are able to communicate information to the audience on your own, or it is worth involving partners (bloggers, opinion leaders and others)
  • 4 Estimate creation and placement costs
  • 5 Find a way to measure the impact of the advertising campaign
How to create a native advertising plan for your product or business promotion?

The evaluation of the effectiveness of native advertising is compulsory, just like with any other type of promotion on the Internet.

Particular attention should be paid to the following metrics: average time on page, audience engagement, CTR, number of reposts and likes, visitor-to-lead conversion rate, sales growth rate.

The approach to the native advertising should not be different from the approach to a regular content. The reader must first get answers to his questions and only afterwards you can modestly introduce him your brand.


Be honest with your audience. Trying to mask a press release as news will only call rejection among readers. Feel free to put a tag "sponsored", this way the reader won’t get the feeling of being tricked, your potential client has the right to know that it is a paid content.


Your content should attract user’s interest without causing rejection and should fit perfectly into the format of the platform, this way your article, website or any other content can be considered as native advertising.


For maximum effect it is recommended to create native advertising with the characteristics of a viral post, as a result, the audience gets the desire to spread your material itself for free, generating "word-of-mouth effect".


Learn to trust the platforms on which you are planning to put ads. If the editorial offices have been able to create a successful advertising media without your help, let them create your native advertising in the format the audience wants. Publishing agencies will do it better than you as they know their audience better.

Where can you order Native Advertising?
Where can you order Native Advertising?

Wake Up Italy’s experienced marketing specialists will be happy to help you create and place native advertising for your business on any topic. Our experts will take all the routine work of creating your own native ads, you will just have to watch the positive dynamics of sales growth. Please contact us, we are always happy to help!