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Digital Display Advertising

Digital Display Advertising

A relevant and up-to-date advertising that offers really useful and actual products and services to customers will not irritate them. Such advertising is able to cheer up its potential clients and motivate them to commit some targeted actions (purchasing a product, ordering services, making registration etc.) that can be useful for building loyalty in the future.

Let’s find out how to create a digital display advertising that won’t be annoying, but flexible, effective and corresponding to the needs of the target audience.. Let’s look at the tools and settings that can be used to achieve the desired result.

Display Advertising is a marketing tool that helps an advertiser to grab the attention of the users and to be of instant interest in the promoted services and products. Digital advertising is quite often emotional, creative and striking.

The key feature of this type of advertising is its fine-tuning characteristics of the audience targeting, platform themes for the placement and geotargeting.

What is Display Advertisind and why you need it

What is Display Advertisind and why you need it

Display Advertising can be both offline and online, but we are going to talk about the second option.

In particular, about audio messaging, some video integration on Youtube and many other banner types.

Digital advertising is widely used in business because of the important functions it performs:
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Informing the client about various events, courses, workshops, special offers and discounts of the advertiser
  • Bringing new products and services to the market and promoting them
  • Directing traffic to a website or to a landing page of the company
Display Advertising targeting settings

A large number of targeting settings and the variety of types make display advertising pertinent and attractive. The impression schedule, the placement and the audience that see an ad influence its effectiveness.

How to choose a Display Advertising type

Video Advertising
Video Advertising

Each of us who has at least once visited video hosting Youtube has definitely seen a short video clip while watching some video, before watching it or in the form of pop-up windows, that is video advertising. Video hostings actively use this type of advertising as an equivalent of banners for highlighting events, services and products.


The first and the oldest advertising type on the Internet which is still extremely popular. At the time of the first banners they were simple static images with text, but many things have changed since then. Today among the main types of banner advertising it is worth mentioning the following:

  • Full Screen
  • Slider
  • Text and Graphic
  • Teaser
  • Graphic
Audio Advertising
Audio Advertising

Audio advertising is used in podcasts, audiobooks and on music websites while changing tracks in playlists. It is reproduced in the form of short audio messages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Display Advertising

Naturally, display advertising has its strengths and weaknesses just like any other type of advertising.

  • Emotional component – display advertising allows evoking in users empathy, interest and desire to get a product or service etc.
  • Convenient analytics – tatistics are collected and reports are formed according to user behavior, to all clicks and impressions.
  • Display advertising solves a number of problems such as increasing sales and increasing reach.
  • Plenty of platforms for advertising.
  • Multiple targeting settings that allow to realize impressions only to the target audience.
  • Wide reach – with the help of this type of advertising the maximum number of users knows the product that you decided to bring to market.
  • Cost – the cost of ads can be unduly high if you intend to put ads on the main pages of the major platforms.
  • Banner blindness - it is considered that because of its excessive popularity lots of users are tired of this type of advertising, as a consequence, stop paying attention to it.
  • Making creatives - it is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort creating a really cool advertisement that can also require additional financial expenses.
  • Ad blocking - using specialized ad blocking services and browser settings it is possible to prohibit the displaying of certain content which can lead to a prospective that your potential client won’t see your ads.
  • Imposition - various pop-up windows quite often irritate users rather than attract interest, so it is strongly recommended being extremely careful in the choice of the ad form.
top 5

The best Display Advertising networks (TOP 5)

Google Display Network

is the largest platform. You can place your ads on Google, in more than two million mobile apps, videos and websites of various themes.

Apple Advertising

is the third network in this ranking. It allows advertisers to place mobile digital display advertising and has an impressive reach. It is suitable for advertising mobile apps for iOS. There is no possibility to advertise mobile apps based on Android.

Yahoo Native

once a leading search engine, lost its popularity after the appearance of Google search on the market. However, by now its digital network has still millions of users per month.

Facebook Audience Network

is also among the giants as it has a huge reach that is more than one million users throughout the world.


is a large native advertising platform that has more than one billion unique users all over the world. The advertisement is placed in mobile apps, blogs, websites. The Taboola advertising method is different from other platforms such as Google Ads. The company focuses on the advertising content from other websites for generating traffic and making agreements rather than on advertising brands and promotions. The strategy consists in displaying the content on more visited websites on the Internet so that it corresponds as much as possible to what the user is reading, generating in this way targeted thematic traffic for advertisers.

Despite the fact that Google Display Network is a leader in the reach and the number of partnership sources for display advertising it is not always appropriate to be limited to the launch of an advertisement just on Google. All platforms have different performance metrics and advertising campaign conditions, that’s why combining them quite often allows advertisers to achieve better results.

Before launching an advertisement we highly recommend you to follow these recommendations:
Select a format of Display Advertising
Select a format

Brief information about available advertising formats was given earlier. According to the advertising platforms and your goals try to choose one or two versions.

Determine the budget and advertising purposes of Display Advertising
Determine the budget and advertising purposes

Be sure to determine how much you are ready to spend on advertising and what result you want to get from your advertising campaign. For example, you are interested in increasing the reach or increasing your sales. In the first case you need to set up the payment for impressions, in the second - for clicks.

Determine the target audience and the placement strategies of Display Advertising
Determine the target audience and the placement strategies

It is necessary to create a portrait of your audience and to analyze which websites will be interesting for your potential clients. Based on these data it is important to select advertising platforms.

How to assess the effectiveness of Display Advertising

In assessing the effectiveness of digital advertising we need to focus on the following indicators: CPM, CTR, ROI, ad reach, impressions and the conversion from click to lead.

In addition, it’s essential to remember to improve your company’s image and to increase brand loyalty with your audience. You shouldn’t expect an immediate growth performance, it will take some time after the launch or adjustment of digital advertising. It’s worth noting that digital advertising is not the only tool for lead generation, it’s rather unlikely that you will get a huge number of orders right away as it is usually used to tell users about a new product, increase brand visibility and bring users back to the website.

How to assess the effectiveness of Display Advertising
How to launch a successful display advertising campaign?

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How to launch a successful display advertising campaign?