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Who we are?

Wake Up Italy

An international marketing agency that started in the midst of Covid-19, helping companies from all over the world grow their businesses despite difficult times and volatile economic conditions. At a time when printing and outdoor advertising ceased to bring the desired result, in spite of everything, we continued to develop the business of our clients, daily increasing sales via the Internet. Our team will be happy to develop a successful strategy to promote your brand and help you take your business to the next level!

What we do?

Our company Wake Up Italy specializes in business development, development and advertising of projects of any complexity and subject matter. Server infrastructure creation, website development, mobile application development, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and much more to help you increase your sales.

Оur services
  • 01 Business development
  • 02 PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • 03 Targeted advertising
  • 04 Display advertising
  • 05 Native advertising
  • 06 Banner Ads
  • 07 Mass newsletter
  • 08 Advertising on specialized websites on specific topics
  • 09 Mobile Application Ads
  • 10 Programmatic buying
  • 11 Search Engine Optimization
  • 12 Search Engine Marketing
  • 13 Social Media Marketing
  • 14 Website development
  • 15 Development of smartphone apps IOS / Android
  • 16 Server customization
  • 17 Protection from DDoS attacks
Business development

Development of a new business, or of an existing one, of any type and difficulty. Market analysis; competitor analysis; analysis of the target market; demand and supply analysis; evaluation of the potential of your business; creating a successful strategy for the development of your business.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC (Pay Per Click) is one of internet advertising models, according to which advertisement is shown in the context of a search and it is also based on parameters such as chosen target, place and time. Search ads, advertisements in Google, Bing and Yahoo search suggestions. Display network campaign Google ads; Shopping campaign on Google (advertising of products with illustrative images for commercial purposes with a price overlay); Universal App campaign on Google Ads; Video campaign, interactive advertising in video format Google Ads and YouTube and / or Verizon Media.

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is a form of online advertising, in which the methods and search tools for the target audience are used, which can show an interest in the advertised products or services. Targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks; Mobile targeting on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks; Targeted pay per click; RTB: real-time targeted advertising; targeted advertising on the Google Display Network.

Display advertising

Display advertising is necessary for increasing brand awareness, for maintaining the interest of the target audience in special offers, promotions, events and new product proposals. Image and text ads; Banners; Branded advertising; Video ads.

Native advertising

Native advertising is a type of non-aggressive advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Verizon, Native / Yahoo Gemini, Linkedin Sales Navigator, Outbrain, StackAdapt, Taboola, etc. Articles; podcast; texts; video; special projects; banners, etc.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads or display advertising are among the first advertising methods used on the Internet, before them, we made use of mass newsletters, only!

The preparation of banners, moving images or graphic designs fabricated ad hoc in PNG or JPEG format, or animated images in HTML5, GIF, Java formats; Launch of the advertising campaign with the use of banners on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Verizon Media, etc.

Mass newsletter

The mass newsletter is the first mode used for internet advertising ever. This kind of advertising is very useful for maintaining active contacts with your customer portfolio. This is a good way to keep your customers updated on the news of your brand, as well as to increase the interest of your existing customers in your company.

Advertising on specialized websites on specific topics

Advertising on specialized websites on specific topics allows you to interact with your target audience. The most suitable advertising formats for the allocation of contents on specific sites are the aforementioned banners, PPC (Pay Per Click) in written ad format, advertising by means of images: dissemination of information on the product you offer or on your brand.

Mobile Application Ads

Mobile Application Ads via platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Verizon Media, etc. The aforementioned advertising formats are among the most used in order to advertise on apps. Banner; Interstitial, full screen advertising in video format; Rewarded Video, advertising while using online games, for which the user receives a reward for viewing; Playable Ads, a relatively new advertising genre, created in less elaborate game format, which offers a demo of the latter, so as to achieve the intended goal.

Programmatic buying

Programmatic buying is a targeted advertising sale service by auction, designed for targeted users, having their best interests and needs at heart. For these purposes, there is a series of ad hoc platforms and services.

Data Suppliers are those who provide the data and are divided into two groups: those who offer a database of contacts already processed (Processed Data Suppliers), and those who propose raw data (Raw Data Suppliers). Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) are platforms used by publishers to sell advertising space on advertising networks and websites. The Ad Exchange is a technological platform, which sells visualisations for visitors to the websites of advertising networks and publishers. It is liable for the acceptance of shares, ranging from the DSP to the announcement of the winner. The Ad Network is a technological advertising platform, which includes banners and manages the visualisations of the latter with the help of an advertising server (Ad Server). This server displays advertising on the publisher's website, calculates the number of visualisations, clicks and manages the optimization of advertising campaigns. Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) are companies that buy data from suppliers and use them for commercial purposes in advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a group of different activities directed at the internal and external optimization of the website and at the improvement of its position in the search engine results, at the specific requests of users, with the aim of improving online traffic (for information sources), retaining potential customers (for commercial resources) and, subsequently, monetizing (generate profits) from user traffic. The SEO can be geared towards different types of research, including searches for: information, short videos, images, products, services, news and specific search systems.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a group of actions designed to increase visits to the website of the target audience, with the help of search engines. They encompass advertising search methods, all those methods that achieve the set goal, starting from the increase of the traffic of the target audience, using links of less significant places and internal website works, providing the improvement of relevance of the website for its target audience (in this way the visibility of the website in the search systems is increased, thanks to the reclassification of the results of the main queries). As a matter of fact, search marketing deals with the redistribution of internet traffic from less relevant search positions, and it is aimed at reaching more prominent positions. Why is the term "marketing" used instead of the word "advertising"? Because understanding "advertising" is the purpose, while marketing is the tool designed to improve advertising efficiency. With the help of search marketing, you can only engage the target audience that is interested in the purchase of goods and services of the reference company.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is blanket marketing and not only promotion through different social networks. Account management on social networks is part of the communication and marketing strategy. It ranges from the list of activities designed for the use of social media to the channels designed for the promotion of companies or brands and, the solution for other corporate missions. The word “marketing” itself is not precise enough since this word indicates promotion, which also falls within "marketing". Consequently, a more precise name is the promotion on the social networks Social Media Promotion (SMP). To put it simply, it is about interaction with future customers on social networks.

Website development

Development of websites, company sites, online shops, landing pages, business cards, websites of any difficulty and any content. The steps of website development are as follows: website design (collection and analysis of requirements, development of a technical assignment, interface design); development of the creative concept of the website; creation of the website concept design; page layout creation; creation of multimedia contents; graphic layout of pages and templates; programming (development of functional tools) or integration into the reporting management system (CMS); optimization and positioning of website materials; check and insertion of corrections; publication of project hosting websites; assistance with website or its basic software. Depending on the intended objective, some of the steps already mentioned can be skipped.

Development of smartphone apps IOS / Android

Development of apps, of any difficulty, for mobile devices managed by OC IOS / Android, takes into account the needs of your business. We meet demands in the fields of logistics and transport, finance, medicine, retail sector. Additionally, we automate business processes and much more. Development step: discussion of the idea, which is presented and developed, offering optimal solutions for its realization. Preparation and acceptance of the agreement: a technical data sheet is drawn up, outlining the specific requests and functionalities of the app.

Design of the mobile app: design of the user interface. Processing of the upper part and of the smartphone app: in the process of creating the app, you will be able to see project drafts halfway through the work. Functionality check and improvement of control algorithms of the app. The app is installed on trialled mobile devices and it is subject to the collective check of its functionality. Broadcasting of functioning versions: this is the publication on the App Store / Google Play or direct publication on mobile devices of the functioning version of the app.

Server customization

Customization of Unix / Windows servers designed for heavy workloads and for any type of request.

Server Security Audit: This includes a series of checks and corrections designed to protect the server from theft. Proper customization saves the cost of renting a server since the properly configured server uses fewer resources, so you will not have to pay every month for additional server services (RAM, CPU). In the presence of a correct customization for most of the requests, it is sufficient to rent a server with minimum system requirements, whose rate is considerably lower, but much more powerful. By contrast, if you use an incorrectly customized server, a considerable amount of resources will be used in vain.

Protection from DDoS attacks

We protect against all known DDoS attacks at L3-L4, L7 OSI levels. We hide your real IP address and server location from hackers; we organize simple activation by altering the DNS script of the source. We check for any suspicious activity and we block dangerous traffic; we ensure fast website load for visitors thanks to the optimization of cache contents (CDN).

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